Getting started with Bikevo

Learn the basics of how you'll be training with your Bike Personal Coach

Grab your bike

Train on your own bike with Bikevo. You can use a road bike, a mountain bike or a cyclo-cross bike.

Register your account

Register your account to get your 30-day free trial of Bike Personal Coach.

Set up your season

When you enter some information about your cycling goals and how much time you can dedicate to riding, Bikevo generates your personalized training plan.

Perform the Critical Power test

A simple and fun evaluation test, either indoor or outdoor, that assesses your natural cyclist type. Connect your sensors to the App. Cadence, speed and heart rate sensors are required. A power sensor is optional but recommended. Make sure your sensor supports ANT+ or Bluetooth to be connected to Bikevo App.

You're ready to go

Start achieving your goals by training with Bike Personal Coach.