Eating correctly with the right balance of nutrients, lies at the basis of maintaining our health, preventing illnesses and aiming for ambitious goals


More or less? Men and women!

The last time I left you in doubt about how you could lose your belly (and not only) by eating more. After a month of, I am sure, anxious waiting, you deserve to know the secret.

Waistline and salad

New year, new waistline?

The old saying goes “a man with a belly is a man of substance”, however this has been proven wrong by science as well as by women who have spoken out against this fat.

Waistline and salad

An apple on the dish

Hungry for control and control of hunger

do we know how to recognize the signals of our body?

Chocolate donuts

Is that urge to snack really so bad?

Is it possible to be greedy while eating in a healthy way?

Chocolate donuts

table set for breakfast

Breakfast-Start your day in the right way!

Holidays, a unique opportunity to dedicate yourself to breakfast

Energy bar used by cyclist during race or training

What happens to our body when we eat an energy bar?

Have you ever wondered how the body responds to the intake of an energy bar?

Energy bar used by cyclist during race or training

That urge to eat something sweet before and after a bike ride.

That irresistible need to snack on something sweet such as a piece of chocolate (or five) when getting bike from our ride

We love our coffee, especially during a bike ride! But are you sure this is a good thing?

The “are you sure?” of the title doesn’t refer to the national drink but to what we put in our coffee to change its taste.

Everybody can lose weight! – Third part

But it’s not just "when" we eat that is important. Also the "thing" we eat is important.

Everybody can lose weight! – second part

I reminded you of all those times that you finished a diet and piled back on the weight you lost through so many sacrifices.

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